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May 1, 2023

Do you ever have one of those days where you want to write something, but don’t know what to write about? It makes it hard to get started. So let’s brain dump.

I will keep it 100% – I thought Thundercat and Tame Impala sounded fucking awesome, but I don’t know how I feel about the song yet. Maybe it’ll grow on me. It literally sounds like both of their styles together. Thundercat vibes and falsetto. Tame Impala drums and falsetto. Usually Thundercat is a bit more restricted, so this is definitely leaning more Tame Impala sounding for me. For me personally. Like, my personal opinion. Like if I’m writing something that I think, off-the-cuff. Also, let’s stop with the talking clips. It never helps. It only hurts. I only tell the truth because I care.

Do you like to read? I used to like to read, and I don’t really have the time, or perhaps the patience anymore, so I do books on tape. Have you ever read/listened to anything by Jack Kerouac? On the Road was pretty ok, but I’m more of a Big Sur fan cause he loses his shit in an oddly relatable way. Have you ever been buzzed on whatever, and you find yourself in a room full of people, maybe a restaurant or a party, and suddenly the sound triggers an airy almost meditative feeling, and you start having thoughts of extreme existential dread? That’s what Big Sur is like. I think On the Road was like his break out hit, but I didn’t relate to it as much. And I fucking hate Dean. I think we all have friends that we grow to understand that we don’t really enjoy their company and we need to cut them out like Uncle Joey, but damn dude. Dead is a hot mess in this absurdly annoying way. Maybe that’s why he’s so annoying. Maybe we’re all a character from On the Road and we don’t really know it. In On the Road, Jack/Sal basically hitchhikes across the U.S. like 9 times. He’s a fuckin’ mess too. In the first act he like hangs out with this chick he meets at a bus station and they fall in love and have these horrible fights like every other page, they like live in a barn and get hammered every day, then he just up and leaves her. You get these really judgy feelings listening to the book, but then you kind of realize ‘Man, we’ve all done dumb shit like that before.’

Bottom line, Big Sur is vastly superior.

The weirdest thing to me is that so many people are obsessed with Jack Kerouac that they turn all his books into movies. These are not movie material, friends. It’s kinda like these long streams of consciousness that for whatever reason work out in the end. The narrator is dope as hell too. I’m scared to watch the movies though.

I listened to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas last year too. Man, what a shitshow. I have this feeling that people are obsessed with the book cause they think it’s cool that Hunter S. Thompson did a bunch of drugs and got into all kinds of shenanigans, so they either want to live vicariously through the book or try and recreate said shenanigans. I was not a fan of the book though. Every scene is the same. They go somewhere. They’re too fuckin’ smashed to get through a normal, everyday situation. Then they just yell at each other like this: ‘You fuckin’ bastard!’ I dare you to tell me the book is deeper than that.

I read/listened to the Rum Diary after that. Fucking insanely good. I loved it. It’s dialed back just enough that it’s not like trying to decipher meaning out of melted candle wax. The whole thing was fantastic. Also not movie material. I really wanted to watch the movie and they straight up took all the interesting parts out of it. They completely got rid of one of the major characters that basically leads the story.

I was watching this YouTube video (that I’m not going to look for the link for) with this dude who I’m assuming is in the industry talking about it’s dumb that franchises are constantly being rebooted because it bastardizes the original intent of the film, which I wholly agree with, but he goes even further to say that adaptations shouldn’t be made either. That we should be bold enough to try new things, new ideas, etc. and not imagine or reimagine other peoples’ work.

If I could leave you with something, it’s that anything we think is important will inevitably become a tiny insignificant speck along the timeline of history, which isn’t sad or depressing mind you, it’s kind of thrilling.

Also, dude, you would think Jack Kerouac was like a dorky lookin’ guy but man he has this super cool handsome dude from that time period look, like a young Chuck Palahniuk. Why do famous writers look so cool?

Gotta live your life man.

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