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South Park was super taboo since it came out, so you either had to stay up late and pray that you didn’t get caught watching it, or go to a friends’ house that had parents that didn’t give a shit about them. More than anything it’s shocking, gross, or offensive, but occasionally hilarious. My original favorite episode was the timeshare one. They totally nailed that one. Every once in awhile I hear in my head “Stan Marsh? More like STAN DARSH.” Such a sick burn.

Also I saw the Gay Fish episode when it came out (I DVR’d it, son) and the song at the end caught me so off guard. I probably find all the dumbest episodes/jokes funny.

All time favorite South Park joke – Stan and Wendy break up, and Stan is trying to win her back, so some kid tells him to stand outside her window and play Peter Gabriel, so he straight up holds up a huge boombox to her window and plays Shock the Monkey. I probably think about that and laugh like 5-7 times a week. Almost nobody either gets the joke, or thinks it’s funny, but hot damn if that doesn’t get me a hootin’ and a hollerin’. Another random thing I thought was hilarious is the priest is named Priest Maxi. What a wild world, am I right?

When I was a kid I was terrified of aliens, monsters, etc. (a long story for another time) so I basically didn’t sleep for 6-7 years. My dad would knock out in front of the TV, and whenever he went to bed I snuck out and watched TV all night. One of those nights I saw South Park for the first time. I’m pretty sure the first episode I saw was an Elephant makes love to a Pig. It was weird and not so funny to 12 year old me in 1997.

Another fun fact, I, like basically every other young buck in my time, was obsessed with putting posters of dumb shit all over my walls, and I had a South Park poster years before actually seeing the show. I also copied the Chef Aid CD from my cousin onto a cassette tape around the same time. I know the words to Come Sail Away because of Eric Cartman, not Styx.

So, poofies?


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