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When I was a kid (like almost 30 seasons of the Simpsons ag0) we used to watch TV every evening before bed, and the session would end with the Simpsons. Right after the Simpsons, Married with Children came on, and we’d see the theme song play and then my parents would turn that shit off. Married with Children was too crass. I’d clandestinely watch it at friends’ houses, and honestly I never understood any of the jokes. I wasn’t old enough to be into Christina Applegate. The only thing that was kinda funny was Al Bundy having his hand in his pants all the time? Who knows. You know what’s way worse? That scene in Natural Born Killers where they were spoofing Married with Children and Rodney Dangerfield gives the scariest goddamn performance of his life.

The most that I watched the Simpsons was when I had my own room and my own TV without cable. I only had CBS and old episodes would play in the evenings. It was funny on occasion, but I’d watch it religiously every day, basically collecting episodes in my head, until they got rid of the show (which happened pretty quickly).

When the movie came out I watched the whole thing just to hear 1 F-bomb. It was more satisfying watching the Aquateen Hunger Force movie, but I didn’t get to see that one in the theatre. Remember when they were promoting the Aquateen movie and they planted moon men around New York or something with flashing LED lights and it got mistaken for a bomb threat? Adult Swim baby. They used to be so edgy til they weren’t anymore.

I don’t know why the Simpsons is still on, nor do I know why Bart was such a cultural icon. Adult cartoons, am I right?

One of my all time favorite animators Don Hertzfeldt did a Simpsons intro though. It’s slick as all hell. Ol’ Dondon also did the cover for Paul Barman’s Pallelujah album and got a shoutout. That album has some of my favorite tracks on it.

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