Revelation is Personal

June 21, 2023

I think about advice all the time, both giving and receiving. It’s a known fact that advice, in general is never welcome. There are 2 types of advice: Solicited and unsolicited. Unsolicited is the greatest sin, because nobody gives a fuck – the giver is an asshole for giving it, and the receiver is indifferent. Solicited is redundant, because the person asking for advice always knows the correct answer and for some odd reason needs to hear it from a third party.

TLDR: Only you benefit from your life experience, and your personal wisdom cannot be transferred by any means.

Revelation is personal.

I think about this all the time, and every so often I hear it mentioned. Knowledge can be shared, but wisdom cannot, and so forth. We area all on our own path, have our own experiences, and think and deal with things differently.

This used to make me angry, as I’ve had friends in the past whom I felt were more handsome, talented, witty, et cetera, but never achieved the success I thought they ought. My anger was a mistake. We’re all floating around on this world making our own way. We’re all given our own set of crayons for which to color with, and some flourish with the 8 fat-fingered pack while others barely get by with the 124. It’s nobody’s fault.

We were given a thought experiment in grade school once.

There is a young person with a genius IQ. This person has the potential to change life on Earth as we know it through their intellect. However, all this person wants to do is stay at home and play video games, and is perfectly content working a minimum wage job to fund their perceivably fruitless lifestyle. Are they wrong for their choice? Should they be forced or convinced to use their intellect?

As a young person, I, like probably most thought that they were wasting their lives and should be using their big fat brain to help people. But the real answer is, it doesn’t fucking matter.

Solipsism is real. The only gift we’ll ever receive is the gift of life, and therefore the gift of choice. The odds are so beyond stacked that we’ll even be conceived that the 0’s on this 1 out of whatever chance probably don’t have a scientific name.

Phrases like ‘live your life to the fullest’ are frivolously thrown around, so live your life to what your definition of the fullest is and pursue the experiences that you wish, because the odds of you being are slim and the odds of dying are 100%.

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