Fuck Positivity

June 20, 2023

I’m standin’ downstairs washing the dishes and staring off into oblivion when I start pondering the a conversation I had with a friend today. Instead of planning to write this, I ran upstairs and wrote the damn thing. That’s called productivity my friend.

TL:DR Positivity is hoping for the best and expecting the worst, that shit is not transcendent, my dear.

Today I had a conversation with my good friend Chase. He’s been going through some life changes, and when we wrapped up the conversation we did the normal friendly routine of exchanging positive sentiments. But that got me thinking, positivity isn’t really helpful at all.

Of course it’s not helpful to be a Debbie Downer either and have a negative attitude towards a situation, but mulling it over in my brain made me realize that positivity can be just as harmful.

It made me ponder what zen really is. We need to find a state of being and always be there.

I was reflecting on negative things that have happened in my past. I’ve willed negative things to happen to myself, in relationships, getting things stolen, etc., just by focusing on those negative things happening. The same thing has happened on a positive note. I’ve willed positive things to happen to myself just by focusing on them as well.

But positivity is a double edged sword.

If you focus on the positive and you receive the outcome you want, then you’re happy. If you focus on the positive and don’t receive the outcome you want, or even worse, receive the opposite or even more negative outcome then you’re off the rails with negativity.

Lately I’ve been sort of worried about debt and bills and things like that, and bills have been piling up more than ever.

I’m going to have a positive attitude and find a way out of the red, but more so I’m going to focus on the life that I want that’s free of bullshit and shenanigans and I’m going to fight like hell towards it. I’m going to be suave as hell about it too cause I just finished re-reading Catcher in the Rye.

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