February 28, 2023

I have 2 giant hangups writing this blog/brain dump/public journal/whatever the fuck: 1. That I’m an idiot for publishing publicly my thoughts and feelings and 2. That I’m not really sure what to start saying in the first place.

Some older gentleman in my collective memory once said something along the idea that you should have a blog so you can write the dumb shit in your head down, and in some time you’ll have an extensive collection of dumb shit that you’ve recorded for posterity. Hearing the more concise, probably meaningful quote may have made sense at the time.


Then my wife says ‘Can you take the baby?’

So now I’m trying to create a writing habit, be insightful and interesting, AND hold a baby whilst typing.

The point is I get distracted like 8 million times a day. I thought it’d be cool to add a supplemental Youtube video, and I’ve got lost on Youtube like 5 times today clicking random videos (actual cannibal Shia LaBouf).

I have no idea how to approach distraction. There’s probably no reasonable answer or direction except for mental health problems, reasonably.


Here I am like 24 hours later, I’m just going to wrap this up. Let’s try harder, yes?

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