When is it done?

I am an artist. Like all artists, I am extremely critical of myself. That being said, if I am working on a project, there is a huge, abstract range of project status’ that I work with – in progress, done – not good enough, completely finished, etc.

One of the biggest roadblocks we face as artists is deciding whether or not something is finished. This is something you have to decide for yourself – when is something good enough for you to consider finished?

There are a couple things you should consider.

1: When is something done? If you’re never finished with something you’ll never be able to move on. You’ll feel frustrated, angry, inadequate, impotent, any other negative adjective you’d like. You need to set a benchmark now – it can always change.

2: Do, redo. This isn’t your magnum opus. Get something done and move on to the next thing. Creativity is a muscle and you’re benching more and more each day. You can always redo. One project I tried last year was drawing pictures twice. I went through the process a handful of times, drawing something and then coloring it, then doing a round 2 – new sketch new colors. The second version was always much better.

Your goal isn’t to be the best. Your goal isn’t to knock it out of the park every time. Your goal is to learn and enjoy the process. If you don’t enjoy the process then what the hell are you doing with yourself?

June 22, 2021 • Back