The Only Real Investing Advice

The appeal of investing is obvious: making money – especially quick and in large amounts. I grew up in a house where my father and grandfather (and now sister) gave me investing advice. You can follow trends, day trade, or ride high on the crypto train – but there is only one true piece of investing advice that you should follow.

Invest in companies you believe in.

My dad worked at McDonalds and therefore invested in McDonalds. If you believe in a company with your whole heart, invest. Invest in those who you work for, work with, trust, and believe in.

I was recently turned on to the Brave browser by a coworker, and I truly think it’s the future of the web. They reward you in crypto (BAT) for viewing ads – advertisers are paying you to view their ads. I’ve converted all my crypto to BAT because I believe in Brave.

There’s an endless stream of investing advice that you could buy into, but I’d stick to investing in what I believe in, and for long term investing read The Secret Path to Wealth.

June 20, 2021 • Back