The Only Logical Takeaway from the Matrix

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with the movie The Matrix.

I remember seeing it when it came out and thinking it was a little bit scary. It’s dark. There’s people in bondage dancing to crappy music. Agents can hijack your body at will.

The first time I saw it I took the whole thing at face value. It’s an action movie that had groundbreaking special effects at the time I guess? The 3D holds up as well. The sequels wrap up threads in the story, but the only film in the series that really matters is the first.

By the time I hit college – and people still talk about this concept today – there were classes about the idea that we ourselves were in a Matrix of sorts.

I was always quick to get angry about ideas like this, passing them off as stupid.

Now as a man of a certain age, I try to temper initial negative reactions and see things with an open mind.

The other day I was watching the Matrix again as I do every handful of years and the meaning finally clicked.

Leaving the Matrix means rejecting belief systems. The real world might be gross and violent, but the only way to grow as a human is to leave belief systems that you were raised with, that you held onto behind.

Growing up, concepts annoyed me and I would dismiss them without giving them a chance. Leaving that belief system behind, I can try and give ideas a chance for better or worse – bypassing anger and negative emotions. I’m not perfect by any means, but completely denying other people or concepts would leave me trapped in my old belief systems.

There are millions of examples and analogies. A great example is the movie Yes Man starring Jim Carrey. He was a guy who lived in a small, closed off world, but once he started to say yes to everything it opened up his world to new experiences.

Believe whatever you want, hold onto your beliefs. Hold onto things that make you happy. But don’t close your world off to people or experiences cause that’s all we really have in this crazy world anyhow.

July 13, 2021 • Back