Seek God

Let’s establish some rules here:

  • We’re not necessarily talking about the snowy-bearded Christian version of God here.

That being said, I believe that God-energy exists.

Human beings are capable of seemingly impossible things. We’ve created air travel, portable phones that allow you to both call people anywhere in the world and watch videos of people eating dozens of bowls of ramen. We start wars. We cure diseases. We climb mountains.

Human beings are constantly accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks and setting new bars and standards.

What is God-energy?

We all have the power to use kind words to uplift another person. Simply saying ‘hi’ to someone having a bad day might cause it all to turn around and brighten their spirits. On the flip side, we can use negative words to ruin someone’s day. As parents we can be kind, loving, and patient to inspire our children to grow and be the best versions of ourselves.

We all have God-energy within us. We all have the capability of affecting and influencing others, but we also have the power to change ourselves.

There are countless stories of people who have come from the brink of destruction to do incredible things all throughout history.

We all have our own personal struggles, triumphs, and stories – but more than anything we all have a God within ourselves – the capability to do and achieve great things.

Harnessing God-energy

The most destructive force that keeps us from unleashing our full potential is perspective. Television and social media portray people living to seemingly impossible standards, which warps our perspective.

You – and only you – have the power to decide the course of your life and the standard of life that you want to live. The caveat here is focusing on goals that you truly want to accomplish. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that life would be better if we had a multimillion dollar mansion and a fleet of Teslas, but deciding what will truly serve you is something that you need to seriously ponder.

There are simple exercises we can do to find perspective.

  • What can’t you live without?
  • What area of your life would you like to improve?
  • What is something on your bucket list?
  • What is your dream job?

You probably don’t need millions of dollars or expensive things to live your dream life, and finding perspective will set you on the right path.

Seek the God within yourself. Figure out what you truly want in life and take small steps to get there every day.