I had a weird day today. I don’t want to say it was bad – I can’t really remember a day in recent memory that I’d consider bad at all – but I’ve been struggling with trying to manage how I feel about what I accomplish in one day.

I feel like I’m always on this roller coaster of productivity. Some days I’m intensely focused and I get more things done in an hour than I would in a week. Some days I pace around the house knowing that I should be focusing on my job, freelance work, or personal projects.

For whatever reason I’ve been finding solace in old, short form Tim Ferriss videos. Here’s one I particularly like:

My approach to watching productivity videos is trying to find one small thing that I feel applies to my own life situation.

Tim Ferriss is also a person who I think is particularly relatable. He always talks about himself like a person who struggles with even slight productivity even though he seems to be prolific with everything he dives into.

This video in particular got to me because he drills down talking about how to make the best out of a pretty rough unproductive day.

It’s easy to get distracted – especially working from home. It seems so easy to turn your attention to something like housecleaning or getting to a repair project, thinking that if you’re not going to focus on what you need to at least you’re getting something done. But the awful truth is all of the little distractions you turn your attention to eat up your energy, and if you put in an intense couple of hours being productive focusing on your distractions, you’re basically draining your precious energy that you could have used the rest of the day.

It’s easy to tell yourself that you’re young, energetic, or have limitless energy, but I remember feeling this same exact way at all periods of my life, especially working from home.

The only thing I can recommend at this point in time is trying to focus on finishing something that you really need to accomplish first thing in the morning because it gives you the drive to finish other important things. As soon as you let yourself get distracted you focus on the downhill spiral of seemingly important but unproductive things.

Watch the video (it’s short) and try to get through some important things on your to do list today.