For years now I’ve been searching for some kind of way to visually display ideas. I don’t want to print stuff out and tape it up all over the walls because I find it incredibly distracting, and at some point claustrophobic. I would prefer to keep said display digital so I can access it from everywhere.

My original intention was to group like images in some sort of theme. For example, I design fonts, so I like to keep links to pages of other designers’ font releases for inspiration.


I hate Pinterest. I find Pinterest to have more of a social aspect than utility, so I’m not even going to attempt to use it.

Additionally, I generally find that any digital repository of things gets lost at some point, and becomes just another piece of useless clutter.


In the past I used to carry a flash drive around with me and group things in folders. These folders all inevitably became clutter, or unfinished/unimagined projects that ended up giving me anxiety. Most of the flash drives were thrown away, especially with the advent of things like Google Drive and my increasing desire to live in a minimal fashion.


In the past year I discovered Pearltrees. Pearltrees was cool for awhile. It lets you post and group together images, links, text, and websites in a Post-it note fashion. This accomplished keeping everything visual, and grouping together items by theme, but it has a number of drawbacks.

First of all, it’s not private. I don’t know what that means, nor how one might find your information, but the lack of privacy is extremely uncool, and I don’t want to pay for an extra service to make it private. Secondly, while it looks cool, this thing chugs after you have more than 5-6 items on it.


After starting my new job recently, I began using Figma more and more for website mockups. It’s extremely fast and focused, but I noticed in our Figma work group files with images thrown into them as inspirational references, which got me to thinking, why not create Figma files that have my own inspirational materials in them?

This way I can screenshot and keep random art files I find and easily paste them into these inspiration boards. I currently have 2 – one for font inspiration and one for general art that I see/like. I can arrange and display these images however I see fit. Figma runs extremely quickly, so there’s no lag when moving around the file. It’s a win-win-win.

The only thing this doesn’t easily accomplish in a fashion that I enjoy is embedding video and hyperlinking text, but I can add text with links should I so choose, and I can easily screenshot and link a website if I needed to.

So there ya go. Create your next vision board in Figma, rub your gratitude rock and find a parking spot with the power of visualization, weirdo.