My name is Michael Muranaka and I believe that I am the right candidate for your Thumbnail Designer position.

I’m more than just a designer. I also have an extensive background in online marketing. You need more than someone that can deliver catchy designs – you need someone that can understand and contribute to your marketing strategy.

I do not have a background in designing YouTube thumbnails specifically, but I have been a graphic and web designer professionally for nearly 13 years, and I believe that my experience and design process will prove to be invaluable to your team. More on that below.

I don’t currently have a portfolio up as I’m employed and not seeking full time work, but I’ve provided the design samples you requested and I’d be more than happy to discuss that further.

Which thumbnail do I think is the best?

This channel is about Noah, and as such, I think every thumbnail should include his face no matter what. Text is catchy and easy to read, the yellow/white works, background isn’t distracting, and the “I own…” text sells the video almost as much as that big ol’ smile.

My runner up would be this (for similar reasons, plus it’s the same photo):

Redesign Possibility

How Logan Paul Makes $23,485,980/Year From YouTube

I think this thumbnail could use a tune up.

Below is a quick mockup of a direction I might take this thumbnail. I understand the logic behind the design, and that possibly the strategy might have been to entice fans of Logan Paul, but as I think it’s absolutely necessary to include Noah’s picture every single time. This is just a mockup, but a consistent theme of Noah’s videos is lightheartedness, so I would want that incorporated into the thumbnail. I also think that brighter colors are more eye-catching and that the photo of the house in the background is too distracting.

Dude Perfect

My general process is to sketch and then build out as many ideas as possible in a short period of time to develop a solid direction, then spend time refining.

I spent 10 minutes researching the provided references and creating sketches.

I spent 60 minutes designing 6 thumbnail ideas based on the sketches.

Tools used: Photoshop, Figma, Trace

Why You Should Hire Me

I think you need more than a thumbnail designer – you need someone with both design and marketing experience who can talk strategy, and most importantly, contribute to the overarching goals of the team. I can develop ideas quickly, I take direction and criticism very well, and I daresay I am pretty fun to work with.

I’m also a fan (insert taco joke), and I truly care about the content. Hearing Noah’s video about all the startup ideas he went through really made me feel that I have a chance of making something more of myself, and that even though some ideas fail I shouldn’t give up.

I’m also interested in ‘dating before marriage,’ and I would prefer a part time position to feel out the relationship.

I would love to chat more, feel free to email me at or give me a ring at (805) 503-9953.

Best of luck on your search!