Goodbye Kitty

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As a young Japanese boy, my grandmother and family gifted me many a trinket emblazoned with the eponymous Hello Kitty face. I know what you’re thinking ‘but Hello Kitty is for girls.’ I assure you, you’re probably right but who cares Hello Kitty is dope. Cue 6th grade and I find out that there’s like 10 other characters in the universe of Hello Kitty (Sanrio?) that I’m supposed to care about – fuck you depressed duck guy.

This design was requested by my wife – no Borat references please (OK, go ahead and get it out of your system).

We recently went to the Hello Kitty cafe in Las Vegas and to my surprise it wasn’t horrible. I also get weirded out suggesting we go places, like as if we’re forcing our kids to take interest. Does she really like Hello Kitty? Does she like it because it encourages nostalgia in her parents? DOES ANY OF THIS MATTER? DO WE REALLY EXIST?

Anyway, if you’re into it buy a shirt of it:


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