Don’t Think

April 24, 2021 8:11 am

Sometimes you don’t need to think about something, just do it. I’ve sat down to write numerous times the past week and I haven’t. Today I saw this blank page and I’m forcing myself to write.

I listen to a lot of self improvement books, which has inspired me to write my own book. A lot of these books have similar information in a different voice. It’s also painfully obvious that these books are for people who have absolutely no idea where to start.

Rule #1 about self improvement books is that you always have to keep an open mind. This is actually a good rule in general: always keep an open mind and never set an expectation.

I tend to get really irritated when I think information seems obvious or when information seems like common sense. Refer back to the paragraph above, some of this information is for people who have never been exposed to it, unlike me who has been beating myself to a pulp with it a hundred times over.

Also common sense technically doesn’t exist. It’s a learned skill like everything else. Have you ever seen a baby casually slide toward the edge of the table and it wouldn’t have stopped unless you stopped it?

It’s freeing to just let go. It’s wasteful to be bothered by petty things. Keeping an open mind will also give you great insight into what you might be missing out on. You don’t have to like everything. You don’t have to sit through entire movies or books if you don’t want to. Train yourself to know when to relax and keep an open mind. When you feel negative feelings come up about it, focus on your breathing. Try and have empathy for the person speaking.

I’m currently listening to Think for a Change, and while it started off interesting it’s sharply declined. Open mindedness gave me a gift this week though. Listening to this book gave me a ton of ideas for my own, and I’m eager to finish it now.

Gonna go sip coffee and wait for my wife to bring home breakfast cause she’s a bad one.