D Day

April 14, 2021 11:49 am

Decisions. Divorce. Ta-tas.

I am currently forcing myself to write this. I’ve skipped a handful of days (of which I will purposely not count) and now I am getting back to my goal of writing 100 things. This is 7.

My wife gave me some interesting perspective today. I am a web designer. I am paid to be creative (whatever that means). Ergo, I am basically paid to think.

This is a very strange but interesting proposition. All of my 35 years of learning, absorbing culture, watching TV, pondering life’s biggest questions, and whatever else I’ve done that’s forced it’s way into my brain is a part of this. I sometimes almost dread this because I’ve trained my brain to be constantly aware of everything in case I need to use it later, but the positive spin on this is that it’s made me interested in absolutely everything. It’s also really thrilling to get into hobbies and other activities that I’m able to relate to each other.

I realize I’m babbling, but I’ll use one example. I love cooking and I cook every day. I love art and I create art every day. Both of these passions allow me to improve the other. Fundamentally they’re both about learning and using tools and skills to create a finished product.

Completely switching topic, I always wonder why certain things stick in my head. I both love and hate the movie What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams, and I always remember this weird scene where the dude’s and his wife have this weird anniversary where they wanted to get divorced or something. Also my wife was watching the movie Corrina Corrina again recently and the only part I clearly remember in that movie is Whoopie Goldberg talking about chichis.

I’m going to take a break and pretend this post doesn’t exist now.